Best online coloring for adults: 7 free websites

Best online coloring for adults: 7 free websites

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Looking to relax or unwind? It’s coloring time. Adult coloring books have flooded shelves everywhere in the last few years. From grocery stores to your favorite online retailer, these books – with their empty patterns of mandalas, animals and floral designs – seems to be everywhere. But have you played online coloring games? Here we made a list of sources where you can find yourself some coloring to your taste, skill, and preference.

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Coloring games online

If you’re looking for variety in artwork, then Super Coloring  is what you find. They have a huge number of images to choose from, ranging from seasonal, animals, art, classical and much more, all of them having some really detailed and cool drawings. 

Its browser coloring program is the closest to real coloring you can possibly get that offers various coloring brush options to get each and every angle according to your own desire. 

Michael O’Mara Books is an independent trade publisher based in London. Here we introduces their digital activities page only. In this page, you’ll find online coloring activities and downloadable extras from their coloring books. 

The online coloring program allows you to color by clicking on the elements. The elements are quite small and challenging, and the patterns being intricate. You can also download the picture that you’ve colored, share it on your Facebook page, or save your progress to return to coloring this picture later. Another good thing is that it had a very wide palette of custom colors to use in the coloring process. 

Color Mandala is dedicated specifically to coloring mandalas. You can color them online, print them out, and create your own mandalas using the website tool. 

The coloring tool on the website is very easy and doesn’t require any skills from you. It offers a huge color palette, as well as the possibility to add custom colors, and you won’t have to fill in the shapes – they’re colored with a single click. 

Coloring Book.Pics dose have quite a few great coloring pages for kids, but it seem that they have made efforts on their pages for adults as well. They have a variety of categories to choose from, and their pictures run the range from very basic to extremely difficult. 

One unique category they have is a “Color by numbers” page. The online coloring process is engaging, and you can have some real fun coloring them! If you have troubles visualizing how your page will turn out, these will help you get some practice while still coloring some great picture.

HelloKids, despite its name, has a section dedicated to more intricate, adult coloring pages that you can color online in the browser. Though there aren’t too many coloring page options to choose from (mainly mandala pages). 

The coloring is done by filling in the shapes instead of just clicking, which is good. It also allows you to fill in a single shape with more than one color, But the coloring choice is limited that need some improvement.

Online coloring pages

 Just Color most likely the largest online gallery of coloring pages: it’s easy to navigate, contains over 1500 free coloring pages. Holidays, movie posters, mandalas…you’ll find illustrations related to different cultures and events, art styles, historical periods, and themes related to nature. 

Art is Fun offers coloring pages created by Thaneeya McArdle, an artist and a book author. These pages are free samples from her coloring bools, which you can also purchase if you enjoyed coloring the pieces. 

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